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Experience the power of audiophile music reproduction with an astonishing lack of distortion – hear music in its purest form without compromise.

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Product specifications

Even the smallest model in our series of tangential tonearms embodies the Clearaudio philosophy of uncompromising optimisation of the playback of records. The TT3 is totally mechanically controlled and requires no power assistance. This guarantees a flawless musical signal without noise. Polished glass and extremely smooth bearings provide friction free movement of the cartridge and minimum resonance.

The TT3 shares with its bigger brothers in the TT range an integrated mechanism for fine height adjustment and elegant cueing.


Approx. 690g (without tonearm base; tonearm base only: approx. 245g)


10.83 inches
3.74 inches
1.77 inches


Aluminium (black/silver), stainless steel, glass

Technical specifications
Construction Details Tangential tonarm
Mechanical and passive drive through dry-running ball bearing in a calibrated polished glass tube
Material Aluminium (black/silver), stainless steel, glass
Cartridge balance range 5.5g - 15.0g
Mounting style On request
Wiring RCA connection /
Super Sixstream terminated with RCA (1.0 / 1.5m) /
Direct Wire terminated with RCA (1.0 / 1.5m)
Weight Approx. 690g (without tonearm base)
tonearm base only: approx. 245g
Dimensions (w/d/h in inches) Approx. 10.83 × 3.74 × 1.77
(without folding base; without height adjustment screw)
Dimensions (w/d/h in mm) Approx. 275 × 95 × 45
(without folding base; without height adjustment screw)
Manufacturer’s warranty 5 years*


This tonearm is suitable for cartridges from 7 gr. net weight!
If your cartridge is easier, please use an additional weight (headshell plate).

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