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concept Signature black
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concept Signature wood
concept Signature black
concept Signature dark wood
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Product specifications

Striving for perfection is one of the guiding principles at Clearaudio. All products from the high-end manufacturer in Erlangen embody this DNA. This includes the concept, which was introduced in 2009 and has since been very successful with over 20,000 units sold.

As an entry-level package, the concept already created a revolutionary sound package with an undisputed price, design, and performance ratio, featuring a specially developed tonearm and cartridge. After more than 10 years of consistency, the best gets even better, and the concept undergoes several updates under the new name concept Signature.

The fundamental idea behind concept Signature remains as purposeful and user-friendly as its predecessor, as all parameters of the individual components are already perfectly set at the factory.

The core of the turntable body is made of medium-density fiberboard or optionally, solid wood layers bonded under high pressure. The top layer of the turntable is made of specially satin-finished plastic. This composition minimizes resonances and ensures a perfect visual appearance.

The platter is driven by a polished flat belt from a completely decoupled direct current motor to minimize the transmission of interference noise.

The new control technology with integrated auto-calibration, new adjustment options, and additional Tacho-Speed-Control („TSC“) achieve even better measurements in terms of uniformity and impulse stability. The entirely newly developed Tacho-Speed-Control constantly monitors the speed and provides real-time feedback to the control electronics. This allows it to immediately respond to changing influences such as decreasing belt tension, friction of the platter bearing, or temperature fluctuations. Additionally, TSC performs an automatic calibration at every restart. With the new concept Signature, manual recalibration is also possible at the push of a button on the back of the turntable.

Several O-rings („IMS“) improve the motor suspension decoupled from the chassis, which is adopted in a modified form from the Reference Jubilee. Simultaneously, the new encoder forms the basis for even more features of future generations and expansion stages.

In terms of design, the concept Signature stands out. The redesigned surface with an illuminated touch controller allows for intuitive operation of the turntable and sets new design accents.

The wide selection of Clearaudio tonearms and cartridges leaves nothing to be desired in terms of modularity. Perfect combinations for the concept Signature turntable include all MM cartridges, all MC cartridges from concept mc to Talisman V2 Gold, as well as all tonearms from concept to Profiler. Additionally, the concept clamp, a specially designed acrylic cover, and the nano phono V2 / smart phono V2 phono preamplifier or one of the two upgrade power supplies, Professional Power 12V / smart power 12V, from Clearaudio are recommended.

Total weight

Approx. 7.5kg
(incl. tonearm and cartridge)


16.54 inches
13.78 inches
4.92 inches

(with tonearm)

Speed ranges

33 ⅓, 45


Medium-density wood:
silver / black

Pressure-formed solid wood:
wood / dark wood

Package combination

Selectable with all clearaudio MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges, MC (Moving Coil) cartridges from Concept MC to Talisman V2 Gold.

From concept to Profiler tonearm

nano phono V2 / smart phono V2, Professional Power 12 V / smart power 12 V

Technical specifications
Construction details:
  • Resonance-optimised turntable.
  • Upper layer incorporates high-tech satined plastic compound.
  • Chassis comprises medium-density wood fibre (silver / black) or pressure-formed solid wood (wood / dark wood).
  • Bottom plate medium-density wood fibre
  • Height-adjustable turntable feets.
Speed options: 33 ⅓, 45 rpm
Drive unit:
  • Decoupled and resonance damped 12V DC motor.
  • Flat belt-drive
  • Plug-in power supply unit, designed for worldwide use with all networks and power frequencies.
  • „IMS light – Innovative Motor Suspension“
    (Suspension design of the motor using O-rings)
  • „TSC“ Tacho speed control (speed monitoring)
Automatic compensation of friction and temperature changes
on platter bearings and belts
Bearing: Polished and tempered steel spindle in a sintered bronze bushing, running on a teflon thrust-pad.
Platter: 30mm / 1.18 inch main platter, made out of synthetic material with high-density and excellent dimension / precision CNC machined aluminium sub-platter.
Speed accuracy
± 0,05%
Power consumption: Max. consumption: 3.6 watts
Consumption in operation: 1.92 watts
Standby: 0.74 watts
Off mode: 0.0 watts (switched off at the rear)
Total weight: Approx. 7.5kg (incl. tonearm and cartridge)
Dimensions (W/D/H): Approx. 420 × 350 × 125 mm (with tonearm)
Dimensions (W/D/H): Approx. 16.54 × 13.78 × 4.92 inches (with tonearm)
Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years*
The full, extended warranty period for the concept Signature turntable is 2 years. To receive this full Clearaudio warranty, you must either complete and return the relevant section of the warranty registration card to Clearaudio, or register your product online at, within 14 days of purchase. Otherwise only the legal warranty can be considered.
The full 2 year warranty can only be honoured if the product is returned in its original packing.
User manuals

Clearaudio presents the new product "concept Signature" turntable

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Awards & Nominations

Award winning technology

  • Fidelity 2024 Innovation Award
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