TT1-MI & TT1

The pinnacle of analogue music reproduction

As its name implies, the TT1 represents the ultimate statement in tangential tonearm construction.

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Product specifications

They call it the pinnacle of analogue music reproduction: the patented Statement TT1 tangential tonearm developed by Clearaudio has been copied many times, but never matched. This pinnacle of tangential tonearm technology is a key yardstick for Clearaudio's development team. With the Statement TT1, records are replayed as they were cut – in a straight movement with no curves. Hence the cartridge's stylus tracks the record groove perfectly without errors. In addition, Clearaudio uses a unique passive technology: a self-sufficient tonearm drive with a purified mechanical design was created to combine optimal resonance values with maximum freedom from interference in the transmission of the music signal. In the TT series, Clearaudio uses accurately crafted high quality materials that are subject to ongoing quality control. Stability and value come first. Uncompromising consistency and ongoing innovation and development make Clearaudio a pacesetter in tangential tonearm technology, always moving towards the perfect audiophile listening experience.

Total weight

8.6 kg, incl. armwand


20.51 inches
7.83 inches
9.06 inches


Silver or Black Aluminium, stainless steel and bullet proof wood

Technical specifications
Construction Details High-precision mechanical tangential extremely low friction two point linear tracking design
(Patent No. PA1020060529138)
  • Strictly mechanical
  • Selected high precision ball bearings running in a calibrated polished glass tube
Wiring 2 m Sixstream Super Wire terminated with RCA
Total weight Approx. 8.6 kg, incl. armwand
Dimensions (w/d/h in inches) Approx. 20.51 x 7.83 x 9.06
Dimensions (w/d/h in mm) Approx. 521 x 199 x 230
Warranty 10 years*
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Awards & Nominations

Award winning technology

  • Plus X Award Innovation
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