The circle of winners

Clearaudio product range

Welcome to the circle of winners! Every Clearaudio product comes from a family with many winners. Awards from the global audiophile press, as well as, internationally acclaimed awards such as the Red Dot Award and the Design Award of Germany, grace many Clearaudio developments.

We see this as both recognition and further incentive for our continuing research to find the most perfect sound reproduction. These awards also validate our belief that the fine art of music demands mechanical masterpieces made with sophisticated craftsmanship and a genuine love of music.

For more than 35 years we have been creating and manufacturing high-end solutions for people who share our love of music, with the aim of ensuring your ultimate listening experience: audible, palpable and even clearly visible in our advanced designs.

The standards we set ourselves are high – in design, aesthetics, function, quality and service. Your audiophile needs are our constant inspiration for new, reliable components that reflect sound reality as closely as possible. Existing products are retested continuously and optimised in detail. Our prototypes run through sophisticated test phases in which all product characteristics and parameters are analysed and perfected. Only when we are absolutely confident of quality and performance are our products released to the market.

Our commitment to the exceptional performance of our products is reflected in generous warranty services.

For the maximum performance of music playback


Single point bearing radial, multi-point bearing radial and tangential


Moving coil and moving magnet systems


Selected components of the highest material quality


Preserve the long life of your records

Record cleaning machines

For your listening pleasure

LPs & CDs





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