accu power supply +

Innovative charging technology redefines the state of the art.

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Product specifications

The Accu + power supply is the ultimate audio upgrade for the basic + and balance + phonostages.

With selected and formatted NiMH batteries the Accu + power supply acts as a highly efficient filter to reliably lock out the impurities of the mains electricity power supply which could strongly affect the sound. The Accu + power supply is the key to completely trouble-free listening pleasure.

Total weight

Approx. 1.2 kg

Output Voltage

2 x 18 volt battery backed


4.02 inches
7.28 inches
2.2 inches



Technical specifications
Power supply see phonostage power supply unit
Output Voltage 2 x 18 volt battery backed
Accumulators charge The innovative circuit design of the "ACCU+ Power Supply" realizes automatically that the accumulators need to be charged. This is to protect the NiMH-accumulators against total discharge.
Dimensions (w/d/h in inches) 4.02 x 7.28 x 2.2
Dimensions (w/d/h in mm) 102 x 185 x 56
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg (approx. 1.7 kg with package)
Warranty 2 years*
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What the papers say

Fully kitted-out with the Clearaudio accu power supply + and Vertex AQ mains components, this system proved to have a particularly distinct character. [...] it is all about speed, impact, power and dynamics.






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